Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool)

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RFCs related to RSerPool

RFC 3237
Requirements for Reliable Server Pooling.

Internet Drafts (IDs) related to RSerPool

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This document gives an overview of RSerPool.
This document defines the Aggregate Server Accesss Protocol (ASAP).
This document defines the Endpoint Name Resolution Protocol (ENRP).
This document defines the common protocol parameters used by ASAP and ENRP.
This document defines policies used by RSerPool.
This document defines a MIB for RSerPool.
This document analyzes potential threats of the RSerPool protocol suite and architecture.


The RSerPool prototype supports the current version of the protocol. It runs under Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X and uses the sctplib. The software is a result of a cooperation between Siemens and the Computer networking technology group of the University of Essen. It is published under the GNU public license.

Getting the Source

This is very easy via the download page.

Support via mailinglists

We will announce all new versions of the RSerPool implementation on this list. Announcements regarding the sctplib and the socketapilib (both are used by the rsplib) will also be made to this list So if you want to have an up to date version, subscribe to this list. You can not send any mail to it. It is only for announcements. Use the WWW interface for subscription.

This mailing list should be used for comments, bug reporting and all other things you would like to discuss with the other users or developers. Your mails are accepted only if you have subscribed the mailinglist. Use the WWW interface for subscription.

Other sources and RSerPool related links

A graphical packet analyzer with SCTP support running under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, ... and Windows. ASAP and ENRP is supported.
Computer Networking Technology Group
The RSerPool home page at the Computer Networking Technology Group at the University of Essen.
The charter of the Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool) working group (WG) of the IETF. There are also links to all internet draft accepted as working groups documents.
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